Deepavali Luxury Collection

$84.00 $67.20

16 pieces of 5 varieties of handcrafted sweets and 3 homemade savoury delights

  1. Dilkush Laddoo
    Roasted whole wheat flour laddoo with Dry fruits & Gum herb crunch
  2. Alphonso Mango & White Chocolate Barfi
    Chef Milind’s signature sweet treat using fresh Alphonso with an global twist of white chocolate
  3. Figs, Dates & Dry Fruits Barfi
    Sugar free, medley of super healthy Figs, Fresh dates & dry fruits
  4. Kaju Katli
    India’s most Iconic Toasted Cashew nut thin slivers
  5. Macha & Pistachio Stuffed Cashew Rolls
    Pinwheel sweet pastry stuffed with goodness of green tea & pistachio


  1. Roasted Pepper Cashew
    Roasted premium cashew nuts dusted with Kerala pepper
  2. Roasted Almonds
    Oven roasted Almonds dusted with inhouse masala mix
  3. Lentil Coated Masala Peanuts
    9 Crunchy peanuts in our secret spice blend