Komala Vilas is one of Singapore’s oldest Indian Vegetarian Restaurants. What started out as a small eating house for early pioneer generations of Singapore, has become an iconic tourist spot The founder O.M Rajoo, came to Singapore from his native India in 1936. Out of his dedication, tenacity and foresight, Komala Vilas was born. In keeping with time-honoured traditions in Tanjore District, Tamil Nadu, Mr. Rajoo started serving meals on fresh banana leaves. After 73 years, Komala Vilas continues to be a family-run business. Today, it stands tall in the heart of Little India in a double-storey shophouse. In becoming a popular household brand, many still talk about their nostalgic experiences eating dosai, sumptuous thali meals and aromatic South Indian coffee. The traditional food served here attracts locals and tourists from all around the world.


Special Dish: Food Festival X Deepavali 2020
Mock Mutton Murtabak (100% Vegetarian)